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Digital Nomad Guide: Island Krk

The island of Krk even in ancient times was known as the “Golden Island” thanks to its natural characteristics. In 1100 the Croatian birth certificate – the tablet was created on the island of Krk. The island's number of destiny is seven: it was inhabited by the Croatian people in the 7th century, it survived pirate attacks seven times, the seventh Frankopan prince was the last prince of Krk and today the island has seven principal centres. At the height of their rule, the Frankopan family, owned territory equal to half of today's Croatia. The final resting place of Katarina Frankopan, one of the most famous members of Krk's noble family is situated on the small island of Košljun. The Krk folklore festival is one of the oldest festivals of its kind in Croatia (founded in 1938). The average life expectancy on the island of Krk is usually over the national average. The island of Krk is included amongst the most sunny parts of Europe having 2500 hours of sun per year. Around 1400 species of land plants-almost half of the total flora in Croatia grow on the island of Krk. The unique plant the Asperula Borbasiana is a world endemic species: grows exclusively in the Baška bay. 300 km of walking and cycling path extend across the island of Krk. The 45th parallel runs through the island of Krk. Healing mud can be found on the island of Krk, more precisely on the west side of the Klimno bay. This particular type of healing mud is used for curing gout. The seawater is shallow and for that reason suitable for families with children. The interesting fact is that you can walk in the seawater for a few hundred metres, and the sea only reaches your knees. Precisely for this reason, it is favoured by young people. It offers the possibility of good fun…from picigin (a sports game played by several players in a circle who pass a small ball around, keeping it in the air and out of the water for as long as possible) to beach volleyball. In fact, the beach has two volleyball courts, and a futsal court. An ornithology reserve (on the island of Prvic and the north-eastern, steeper part of the coast of the island of Krk) is the most northern habitat of Griffon vultures in the coastal zone.The Griffon vulture is a rare species of local fauna, which reaches sexual maturity when it is five or six years old, and the female only lays one or two eggs.


  • City of Krk
  • Malinska
  • Dobrinj
  • Klimno
  • Omisalj
  • Silo
  • Njivice
  • Vrbnik, Punat, Baska

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