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Our Vision

Our vision is to help millions of digital nomads explore more of the world, making deeper & longer-lasting connections with their hosts and communities.

To help them leave their own positive mark on the planet, and its people, while assisting regional economies grow through the power of travel.

Nomad Stays offers you:

We list Stays with:



connected properties



and self contained






and Communities



under €1,500 a month *

* Selected expensive cities exempt from this limit



or on-site work spaces

You might be:

  • Apart-hotel
  • Apartment
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Pension or Auberge
  • Hostel or Co-living
  • Rental House
  • Gîte or Farm-stay
  • Castles, Chateaus, Manors
  • Boats, Treehouses, Camping

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  • Home-stays
  • Rooms in domestic houses
  • Request-first properties

Our Experience









Put Yourself On the World Nomad Map

Does your property qualify

Do you have

  • Free WiFi >10Mbps
  • Desk & Work-chairs
  • Kitchen
  • Washing Machine
  • Official Business Number
  • Free-Sale Inventory or Live Availability Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    Zilch. Nada. Nothing!

    Its completely FREE to list and there are NO commission on bookings. We add our booking fee on top of your net rates.

  • How does Nomad Stays make money?

    We earn by charging nomads a booking fee to access our deals.

  • Will my Airbnb qualify?


    Some self-contained Airbnb properties may qualify. If your apartment or house is rented independently of other people you may qualify.

    If you rent a room in a private house you won't.

    You will also need to provide us with your official registration number as a registered lodging place with the relevant authorities.

  • I have only 1 or 2, registered, apartments. Can I join Nomad Stays?


    If you have an officially registered lodging place with the required business licenses you are able to apply.

    You will be required to keep your room's availability up to date with us so we can sell them without checking. We suggest small properties with part time managers use a Channel Manager or iCal enabled booking system to reduce the amount of availability updates.

    Our extranet has a quick update availability page for your changes. Nomad Stays bookings automatically reduce your available rooms so you don't need to worry about those changes.

  • Does every room I offer need a kitchen & bathroom?

    Generally yes.

    Currently we are accepting listings from apartments, hotels, co-living etc. with self-contained facilities. Shared kitchens are OK in registered hostels and coliving Stays.

    Some properties, with easy access to inexpensive local food sellers, can get away without a kitchen or kitchenette.

  • Can I charge Resort Fees, Cleaning or Electricity charges to guests separately?

    No. Not if they're mandatory fees.

    To meet world wide standards the Net Fees must be total net costs inclusive of internet costs, adequate electricity, housekeeping, required Resort Fees, VAT as well as other obligatory taxes and charges for a typical person or family. Optional Resort Fees, extra electricity, extra cleaning or value-added services that guests may choose after they arrive are acceptable.

    Adequate electricity includes normal heating in Winter, or air-conditioning in Summer but not ultra computer usage for example like bitcoin mining.

  • I don't usually get bookings for a month. What prices do I set?

    We have some great tools to help you set attractive prices for long stays as well as make more money than you do now.

  • Can I vary my prices?

    Of course.

    You can change at any stage virtually immediately. You can even set different prices for future periods or different times of the year when it might be busier or slower.

  • Can I change my room allocation?

    Yes. Very easily.

    You can change the quantity of rooms made available to us with almost immediate effect. You can even change this in advance so no bookings are possible when you're full. If we sell out or there are no rooms available our system automatically stops marketing your offers.

  • Do you work with my Channel Manager?

    Not yet. We're working on it though.

    Right now we have several Channel Manager technical projects underway which we hope to roll out in the next few months. In the meantime you can use our extranet to update your availability. Month long bookings certainly make it worth your while.

  • Can I list for only a few months each year?

    You can try this approach but its likely you'll miss a lot of opportunities.

    Our site is designed for travelers who travel virtually full time. Every month they need somewhere new to stay. So we favor places that suit our client's needs the best.

    If you are only available for part of the year you'll find your low availability ranks your listing lower down on the site. Similarly, if you have no availability soon or have no current pricing your listing will automatically disappear from the site.

  • Can I approve all bookings before they're confirmed.

    No, sorry. We are a booking site. We accept instantly bookable rooms only.

    Up to date availability, instant booking, and immediate confirmation are critical parts of our business. These save massive amounts of time and frustration for regular travelers like digital nomads.

    If you require confirmation or conversation with your guests before confirming their bookings you may find advertising sites or online directories more suited to your own business model.


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