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Miami, USA

SpeedSmart is a leading wi-fi technology company helping digital nomads find great internet as they travel.

Use the free app on your phone to get accurate readings of real life internet speeds.

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London, UK

battleface specialises in adventure 'get you out of the shit' insurance.

The things the others don't cover. So you can enjoy an active life knowing there's someone there to provide the safety net. Yes, they do Covid-19 coverage and have a great Crisis Response service to get you out of those niggly situations you could find yourself in - kidnapping, terrorism, hijacking, riots, blackmail etc.

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Y Combinator Startup School

San Francisco, USA

Y Combinator is one of the world's leading incubators and seed accelerators. Opened in San Francisco in March 2005 it has been used to launch over 2,000 companies including Stripe, Airbnb, Cruise Automation, DoorDash, Coinbase, Instacart, and Dropbox.

Nomad Stays is a successful graduate of Y Combinators Startup School.

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Savoie Technolac

Chambéry, France

Part of La French Tech Visa the Savoie Technolac is the premier business innovation center in South Eastern France. Home to both a startup incubator and accelerator the 120ha Savoie Technolac Business Park has over 230 resident businesses and 8.500 daily users.

Nomad Stays is part of the Savoie Technolac Accelerator Program.

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Split Spaces

Mackay, Queensland

Split Spaces is the premier startup incubator and coworking space in Australia's Great Barrier Reef region.

Nomad Stays was founded in Split Spaces which continues to support it as we expand around the world.

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