Job Opportunities

There are currently no employment opportunities at Nomad Stays

There are freelancing and unpaid internship opportunities however

Freelancer Opportunities

Volunteer Roles / Internships

Marketing Interns

  • Customer Engagement
  • Content Creation
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media creation
  • Help Desk and Knowledgebase Content Creation (animation & video)

Development Interns

  • Data Analytics
  • Travel API creation
  • AI based API -,
  • CSS Front-End development work
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interace (UI)
  • Back-End Development in C# and .net
  • Azure Infrastructure Operations
  • Azure Dev Ops
  • SQL Server database optimisation
  • Blockchain, Web3.0

Business Interns

  • Multi-currency accounting, booking and international banking
  • Commercial and Travel Law
  • International Taxation and VAT

Guest Bloggers

Opportunities for guest bloggers are currently available.

We are interested in publishing original (ie - unpublished) guest blog posts around:

  • Advanced tips and techniques for experienced travellers
  • Off the beaten path locations
  • Interesting travel stories from long term travellers
  • Great coworking communities
  • Ways that freelancers can improve their remote businesses
  • And more.
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