Best Places to Live & Work as a Digital Nomad in The Diamantina Mountains


Digital Nomad Guide: Diamantina Mountains

Lençóis Chapada Diamantina is by far the best place to start exploring the Chapada Diamantina, and not just because of its location and touristic infrastructure ( tour agencies and accommodation ). It is already a long way to come from Salvador to Lençóis. It is the town that lies the closest to the highway. From Lençóis you have many tours that depart. Be wise to choose your tour in the Chapada Diamantina, almost all tours need physical effort, and depending on what tours you choose, your experience will be totally different. If you are sportive, you should definitely include a trek to the Vale do Pati. The main entrance point nowadays is Guiné, which is easier to reach from Lençóis than Vale do Capão. The Pai Inácio, the most famous and accessible viewpoint of the Chapada Diamantina is only 25 minutes driving from Lençóis ( which is really close in Brazil ). Vale do Capão is really an incredible valley, but when you are looking to discover many different places in the Chapada Diamantina, you are quite stuck in Vale do Capão because of the long dirt road of 25km which is the only way in and out.


  • Chapada Diamantina National Park
  • Pico das Almas
  • Pico do Barbado
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