Best Places to Live & Work as a Digital Nomad in Windhoek


Digital Nomad Guide: Windhoek

The charm of the City of Windhoek lies in its harmonious blend of African and European cultures and the friendliness of its people. Since Independence came to the country on 21 March 1990, it has been characterised by a vitality born of a sense of freedom and pride in self. Windhoek Is often described as one of the cleanest capitals in Africa and visitors are surprised that this city, considered to be part of deepest Africa, offers all modern amenities that conform to some of the world’s highest standards. These include hotels, banks, post offices, gyms, libraries, museums, car hire companies, health facilities, railway transport, airlines and estate agencies amongst others. A well-constructed and regularly maintained road network from Windhoek provides access to majority of towns, nature reserves, parks, safari lodges and tourist destinations in the country. Public transport consists mainly of taxis, while a bus service provides transport to and from residential areas.


  • Heroe's Acre National Road to Rehoboth
  • Windhoek Central Railway Station
  • Old Prison in Goethe Street
  • College of the Arts
  • Old Government Survey Office
  • Turnhalle Building in Bahnhof Street
  • Old Brewery
  • Tintenpalast in Robert Mugabe Av.

Climate in Windhoek