Best Places to Live & Work as a Digital Nomad in Durres


Digital Nomad Guide: Durres

The ancient city of Durres is at once a relaxed beach town and a historical center, home to the largest amphitheater in the Balkan Peninsula! Fittingly, the city of Durres also houses the country’s largest Archaeological Museum which shows traces of the ancient cultures that have passed through Albania, mainly Greek and Roman. Alongside its history, Durres also provides loads of lighthearted fun. Located on the Adriatic coast and only a 30-minute drive away from the capital of Tirana, the beach of Durres is the longest and most populated one in Albania. Modern architectural structures, like the Sphinx, the vibrant promenade and delicious seafood restaurants are a serious part of this city’s charm. The icing on the cake is the wild and untouched Cape of Rodon, a magnificent strip of land surrounded by the Adriatic Sea.


  • Lalzi Bay Beach
  • Cape of Rodon
  • Currila Beach - Kallm Beach
  • Cliff of Kavaja
  • Robi's Mountain
  • Karpen Spille

Climate in Durres