Caribbean eSIM

Exclusive to Nomad Stays

An amazing high-quality, secure US-based, eSIM covering 14 countries throughout the Caribbean.

This data only package allows you to get internet access the minute you land, or to have as a backup if you wifi is too weak or goes down.

Using only the highest calibre networks from the most reputable telcos around the world you have the best chance of keeping connected on the go in a new country.

All secured on high quality, highly secure servers in the United States.

Key Features

Securely Hosted in the USA

Unthrottled Data

Premium Networks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a particular phone?

    Yes. Your phone will need to be eSIM compatible

    If this is your first eSIM purchase then check your phone is compatible before purchasing. The purchasing process does not check your phone for compatibility.

  • Can I set a start date for the plan?


    You set your activation date on checkout which means you can buy now and prepare the eSIM package to start on your schedule.

  • Do I also get a mobile phone number?


    Cellular data eSIM doesn’t offer mobile numbers for calling or SMS. You can use all your mobile apps that provide calling and texting including FaceTime, WhatsApp, iMessage, Zoom, Skype, etc.

  • How to I activate my eSIM?

    Broadly the steps are:

      1. Add the eSIM plan to your phone by scanning a QR code on your phone
      2. Turn on the Plan using your phone
      3. Turn on Mobile Network for the eSIM
      4. Enable 'Mobile Data' and 'Roaming'

    More detailed activation instructions are contained in the 'Activation and More Help' section below.

  • Can I top up the data?


  • How secure is eSIM?

    eSIM is as secure as physical SIM cards. It utilizes the same encryption and authentication protocols.

    The Nomad Stays eSIM is hosted in the United States with all the consumer, privacy and data protections as required under US law.

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