New Digital Nomad Meetup Tool

Release Date: Mon 15-May-2023

Nomad Stays is pleased to announce a new ‘digital nomad meetup tool’ for its Stay partners around the world. 

The new ‘digital nomad meetup tool’ allows its Trusted Stay Partners & Coworking partners to easily create & share their digital nomad events with thousands of digital nomads.

To create the new service Nomad Stays has partnered with Wozin App, a digital nomad event sharing app already used by thousands of digital nomads.

With over 10,000 digital nomads using the Nomad Stays platform every month the partnership allows a much bigger visibility of digital nomad events around hundreds of regions featured on the Nomad Stays platform.
Nomad Stays Founder, Mark Phillips, says

I met Wozin App Founder, Daniel Nagy, while nomading in Spain last year.  

One of our Trusted Stay Partners had used Wozin App to create a Meetup for us Founders to meet the digital nomads in Tarifa.

It didn’t take long talking with Daniel to realize we each shared a passion for helping the digital nomad lifestyle and the alignment between Wozin and Nomad Stays was pretty obvious.

Loneliness, boredom, and isolation are common problems for some digital nomads as they travel to new countries. 

Finding like-minded people can be hard for some when they are working so much.

The new Digital Nomad Meetup Tool makes it easier for both digital nomads and Stays hosting nomad events to connect with each other.

Today’s announcement expands on the Nomad Stays – Wozin partnership developed in 2022.