Our Story

Like you, we love traveling, exploring and discovering new places and people.

In the same breath we need to keep one foot firmly planted in the business world. To remain connected with our team, clients, partners and platforms.

But doing all this on a global scale can be hard, and expensive. Which is why we created Nomad Stays.

To make it easier for everyone to grow their careers and business while exploring the world.

- Mark and Linda



Unscripted Adventures start in Unexpected Places

We're travelers. We're entrepreneurs. We're adventurers.

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Helping you find the right place to be.

Exploring the world opens your eyes to many new experiences, cultures and values. Adventure and exploration are a passion for us all. But we also need to eat. So building a career or business that delivers this ideal explorer lifestyle is the great goal.

After exploring more than 100 countries and helping thousands of entrepreneurs the Founders of Nomad Stays are combining their passions, networks and experience to make it easier for you to also create an amazing travel based lifestyle.

Passions that
Drive Us

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To Explore & Discover

There's always time to explore the world and discover what's there. To find things, places and peoples we never knew existed. To learn from others and be wowwed by nature.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurs

Innovation and entrepreneurs drive change in the world. They push boundaries and challenge the status quo. We love helping them succeed and improve the planet better for all of us.

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Coworking & Communities

The ability to both travel to, and work from, remote parts of the world and create connections with different groups and communities is a great way to empower everyone.

It's all about the people

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